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Public Socialization at Jatiuwung

Date : Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Place : Gandasari Ward Office

Jl. Arya Kamuning No. 10, Gandasari, Jatiuwung, RT.005/RW.004, Gandasari, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang 15137

PT Oligo Infra Swarna Nusantara (OISN) with Environmental Agency of Tangerang City has conducted socialisation to the people of Gandasari Subdistrict, Jatiuwung District, Tangerang City regarding the implementation of the National Strategic Project (PSN) Waste Treatment to Energy (PSEL), one of which location is around the area of Jatiuwung. This event is attended by representative of PT Oligo Bobby Roring with the public leaders of Jatiuwung, including Jatiuwung subdistrict head Edih, religious leaders, public figures, and young leaders of Gandasari Subdistrict.

During this event, representative of OISN explained that the implementation of this project in the future is for common good, which will involve human resources from local communities. This project implementation itself is planned to start construction stage at latest June 2023, using the area of 3.6 hectares at Jatiuwung, and achieve operation stage in June 2025.

Jatiuwung district head Edih conveyed that the waste treatment to electricity to be implemented at Jatiuwung area by PT OISN is safe and will not disturb the surrounding people. Material from Waste processing or Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) that will be carried to Jatiuwung will be packed from Rawa Kucing Landfill to be treated into electricity. Edih also emphasized that this PSEL project is part of the National Strategic Project that must be carried out by Tangerang City Government. Therefore, he urged the people of Jatiuwung to always support the running of Project as well as provide assistance and facilitate what is lacking for social aspects of the Project that require involvement of community of Jatiuwung, including human resources employment.


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