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Our work is guided by Oligo's Value


Corporate Culture & Value

Oligo promotes culture of excellence and innovation, continuous learning, openness and respects, and safe and healthy working environment throughout its aspect of operation.


Individual who join Oligo must continue to demonstrate the following attitudes at any time:

  • strong integrity;

  • high energy and eagerness to learn new areas;

  • passion for sustainable development, in particular for the sector of waste management, renewable energy and infrastructure;

  • commitment to excellence, an innate needs to present the best work each time;

  • ability to be critical, yet respect differences others;

  • strong organisational skills and team work,

  • strong & proven communication skills;

  • willingness to work under pressure and meet deadline;

While upholding our sustainable development values and healthy working environment, Oligo maintain that it provides a non-smoker only environment.

Oligo is a young organisation with mission to contribute toward the betterment of Indonesia. Our vision is to create a stream of world-class portfolio of bankable infrastructure projects through credible project development and acquisition with particular focus in sustainable infrastructure in PPP framework.


We open opportunities for young, dynamic, agile professional to join industry of future with tangible impacts to Indonesia’s development. Due to a recent project acquisition, Oligo plans to expand its dynamic, creative and agile team.


While you are with us, you will be challenged to exercise your creativity and analytical skills to participate in the implementation of Indonesia’s first truly integrated waste to energy facility. We want you to produce ideas, brainstorm, and bring the best that you can offer.


This is not a space for those who seeks worldly mission. What we offer is a career path where you can truly understand the impact you make to the Indonesia’s sustainable development landscape.

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