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The projects consists of two major parts that are to executed in two different locations: a Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) located at the Rawa Kucing Landfill, and an RDF Power Plant located at an industrially zoned location, 14 km away from Rawa Kucing.

Mechanical Biological Treatment

The Rawa Kucing MBT plant are commercial sized and capable to process 2,000 ton per day feed MSW, and will be among the largest in South East Asia. It employs mechanical sorting consisting of shredder, screens, windshifters, balistic separators, metal and aluminum extractors, as well as optical separators. This state of the art facility is capable of producing high quality refused-derived-fuel for both power plant and cement industries.


Organic fraction isolated by the mechanical separators are further macerated before being delivered to anaerobic digesters consisting of heated continuously stirred tanks system yielding biogas which are then desulfurized prior to feeding to biogas engine for power generation. This system generates more than sufficient electricity to power the entire process and deliver its excess to the PLN power grid.

RDF Power Plant

The RDF Power Plant combusts energy-rich RDF in a controlled and safe environment. The site of the power plant is located 14 km away from Rawa Kucing landfill and is acquired as part of the project investment. The plant has been designed to ensure a complete combustion of the RDF, preventing formation of harmful material, meeting all EU-standard for dioxin/furan prevention. Whereas the RDF are much more refined than a typical fresh MSW, this power plant is equipped with flue-gas cleaning unit atypical to those of an incineration plant, resulting in a clean and safe flue-gas release.  Majority of ash as by-product of combustion are delivered to Rawa Kucing and reprocess as construction material for its own use, particularly for resurfacing operation road within the area. The remains are delivered to licensed third party for safe treatment.

Landfill Operation

Landfill operation shall pre-dominantly cease as soon as the MBT plant comes into operation. Arriving fresh waste will be diverted to the reception area of the MBT plant. The landfill will be gradually rehabilitated, most areas are permanently closed and covered with geosynthetic material and its gas are drawn to the digester to prevent gas build up and fire, further preventing harmful green-house-gas.

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