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Socialization of Tangerang City Waste to Energy (PSEL) Project

Date : Friday, 7 October 2022

Place : Neglasari District Office Hall

Jl. Iskandar Muda No.54, RT.005/RW.003, Mekarsari, Kec. Neglasari, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15129

Tangerang, 7 October 2022 | Taking place at Neglasari District Office, Oligo Infra Swarna Nusantara (OISN) together with Tangerang City Government has officially realized the socialization of Tangerang City Waste to Energy (PSEL) Project to the community of Neglasari district, which are the resident around Rawa Kucing Landfill. This socialization was conducted for the purpose of information disseminationof activities that are planned to be executed during the implementation of PSEL Project at Rawa Kucing Landfill.

Socialization was started with opening speech by Mrs. Eny Nuraeny, Secretary of Tangerang City Environmental Agency (DLH) and Mr. Acep Suhardiman as Secretary of Neglasari District. High hopes for this Project were conveyed by Mrs. Eny for Tangerang City to be able to treat and recycle its waste. Mr. Muhammad Suki as the moderator for this event also persuaded invitees to participate actively as the community directly impacted by the project implementation.

The event was continued with a presentation by Mr. Bobby Roring as representatives of OISN, explaining the overall concept and activities of Project, which progressively will develop the landfill to become more environmentally friendly and equipped with facility capable to reduce waste significantly. The description of the project was delivered by Mr. Kusnandar as representative of OISN environmental consultant. In his presentation, it was stated that the implementation of the Project can give benefits from various aspects, including environmental and social aspects. For example the improvement of health and environment quality around Rawa Kucing Landfill, empowerment of local communities, reduction of potential flood, and many more.

In the Q&A session at the end of the event, the community expressed high hopes for the implementation of the Project so that it can also consider the affected communities, and they hope to also receive positive impacts. Moreover, the community also hoped that any potential negative impacts can be well mitigated.

OISN as the implementing business entity of PSEL project appointed by Tangerang City Government, is fully committed to make this project a success, in order to deliver a major contribution not only for the surrounding communities, but also to become a role model and grand design for other PSEL project implementor in Indonesia.


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