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As the Group Head of the Corporate Administration Group, your mission is to lead the IT & Digital Implementation Team, Talent Management Team, and Administration Team. Your role is to support the Finance & Administration Director to achieve Budget Discipline, Good Corporate Governance, and Efficient Business Process in all aspect of operation.

General Credential

This is a Senior Management position this role is suited for a people person, with strong ability to influence and encourage others to give out their very best. You must also be a highly energetic individual, yet sensible and mature in handling challenges coming to you. 


As a leader you must lead by example through discipline, commitment to goal, open discussions and providing clear prioritization to your team members. It is also your responsibility to ensure that corporate culture continue to be propagated throughout your team.


Your technical capacity are important too, you are a well rounded individual who must posses knowledge and understanding in: digital implementation and business process; talent management; and general administration;


This is an opportunity to set career in upcoming sector in Indonesia that is sustainable development.

Job Summary

As the Group Head, you must lead your team to foster innovation and creativity within the project operation through digitalisation, talent managements, and healthy and safe working environments.


  • Talent management is at the core of the company’s success and stability. You will oversee the talent recruitment, talent retainment strategy, training and development, working conditions that foster talents to continue to be creative, productive, and innovative.

  • In the IT and digital implementation front, you are responsible to oversee the design and implementation of digitalisation of business processes throughout the supply-chain. It is your responsibility to ensure that the system created is easy to use, allows users to focus on what is important, and yet efficient and allows for fast and accurate decision across operation.

  • You shall also oversee the day-to-day general operation and administration duties to support other team in the department in performing such as travel, transport, guests and VIP management, visitors facilitate, safety and security protocols



  • Oligo puts no limit for age group, but you will be leading a team of young, bright, and energetic engineer, and you must demonstrate ability to relate to this team. As consequence, you must be comfortable in working in the digital environment.

  • At minimum, you must have degree or Master Degree in Business Administration, IT or Psychology, with at least a professional certification in the relevant sector.

  • You must also have at least five years exposure in either one of the following sector: Human Resources or Information Technology – and can bring your experience and sets the standards even higher.

  • You must be a very diligent and people oriented personality, with strong communication and mediation skills . You are a creative problem solver who enjoys working with people, develop and motivate others to reach the goal.

If you are up to the challenge to become part of the team that will become the engine for development in Indonesia, please send your resume to

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