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Oligo opens work opportunities for bright young executive with talent in human management to join our team to prepare for the first integrated waste-to-energy undertaking in Indonesia. This position suited those with strong ability for mediation, and human development.

What impact you will make?


At Oligo, we offers a unique and exceptional career experience to develop and maintain, not just team but also culture of high energy, excellence, innovation and continuous development. Your work contributes strongly for the growth of the organisations.


Work you will do:

  • You will be the key person for talent acquisition and retainment strategies so that it aligns with corporate growth target. 

  • engineer employee benefit for maximum impacts. 

  • You will make sure that Oligo provides the right working environment and reward for the most talented individuals, and remove all non-performers.

  • You support your group head with strategies to (a) increase employee productivity from talent management point of view (b) instilling corporate values, vision and mission of the organisation.

  • You liase with manpower agencies to ensure that Oligo maintain compliance against all manpower regulations.

  • Prepare annual budget for benefit and development program




  • 3-8 years of experience in the relevant sector to the above functions. 

  • Graduates of Psychology, Human Resources, Organization, Business Administration, or other related discipline from reputable universities in Indonesia or overseas. 

  • People-oriented individual with strong emphaty and ability to relates with different age groups.

  • Strong knowledge of manpower regulations

  • Computer literate and able to present strategy and communication effectively.

If you are up to the challenge to become part of the team that will become the engine for development in Indonesia, please send your resume to

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