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As the Group Head of the Planning & Engineering Group, your mission is to lead and build the Project & Asset Management Team, consisting of the Compliance & Audit Team, Project Commercial and Public Communication Team.

General Requirement

This is a Senior Management position, and candidate must demonstrate track record leadership. This role is suited for a people person, with strong ability to influence and encourage others to give out their very best. You must also be a highly energetic individual, yet sensible and mature in handling challenges coming to you.


As a leader you must lead by example through discipline, commitment to goal, open discussions and providing clear prioritization to your team members. You are also  responsible to ensure that corporate culture continue to be propagated throughout your team.


Your technical capacity are important too, you are a well rounded individual who must posses knowledge and understanding in:

(a) project and operation management;

(b) understanding the project commercial goal and limitations;

(c) the development of effective and applicable procedure

(d) effective and corporate communications

Job Summary

Involve since early stage of the project, your goal is build, train and shepherd these early teams into prudent and capable technical team. 

Before the Project enters into commercial operation, your team focuses:

  • to support the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management team to carry out their tasks;

  • monitor the project progress against contract, commitment and regulations;

  • working with existing stakeholders, NGO's, technical agencies within the Cities to ensure that they are well informed and mediate all requirements.

  • facilitate, oversee and supervises sub-contractor to ensure quality and timely delivery;

  • Working together with compliance and audit team ensure effectiveness, clarity, and transparency in day-to-day operation

Once the Project enters into commercial operation, your group shall evolved into an engineering tea with in-depth understanding of Project's technical design and limitations, to facilitate continuous innovations and improvement throughout the Project's lifetime.

You role supports the Director of Planning and Construction to ensure timely and quality execution of the Project.



  • Oligo puts no limit for age group, but you will be leading a team of young, bright, and energetic engineer, and you must demonstrate ability to relate to this team. Accordingly, you must be comfortable working in the changing digital environment. Adaptation are key requirement.

  • At minimum, you must have been a working in a challenging project in at least 5 years in the past, in the area of renewable energy, steam power plant, or waste  to energy project.

  • You must have an engineering or Master degree (process, civil, electrical) from the top technical colleges in Indonesia or overseas. An additional commercial degree or project management certifications on the top of the technical degree is an major advantage.

If you are up to the challenge to become part of the team that will become the engine for development in Indonesia, please send your resume to

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