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Sustainable Development for Indonesia

Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia is set-up with vision to create world class portofolios of bankable infrastructure projects. We intend to develop and engage ourselves in various infrastructure investment projects in Indonesia, particularly those in the public and environmentally related sectors through project development and acquisitions.


Our vision is to create a stream of co-benefitting infrastructure investments and becoming a strong partner to the Government of Indonesia in generating sustainable growth, while increasing our shareholder’s wealth.


Oligo is supported by equity partners based in Hong Kong and South East Asia with strong international investment networks, financing and technologies institutions to create a solid foundation for our investments.


Despite our international supports, we strives to create a local team from Indonesia's vast young and capable talents. Oligo wants to be a local firm with international support, not the other way around.

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creating world-class portfolio of bankable infrastructure projects through project development and acquisition with particular focus in environmental and public services related sector under the PPP framework

Business Handshake

establishing strong partnership with Indonesian Government to create a stream of sustainable & co-benefiting infrastructure investments through policy engagement and facilitation


partnering with international infrastructure investors and international development cooperation and lending institutions to become an engine for infrastructure development

The Vision

The Vision

Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia


To serve our partner in building sustainable cities that becomes the foundation of growth through innovation and infrastructure investment


To provide foundations for our employees to reach their personal goal by creating working environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneural spirits


To create generation of leaders with strong integrity and characters that serves others through examples.

By this we means, leaders that conduct business ethically and judiciously, commits to spirit of excellence, continuous learning and diversity.


To create wealth for our shareholders through ethical means and realized value from being an institutions that are respected by our business partners, market players, and member of staff.

What We Do

What We Do
Seeding for Portfolio Project

Oligo takes a proactive approach in developing greenfield projects in the environmental related and public infrastructure sectors, such as waste to energy, water treatment and transmission, power sectors, etc.

We self-fund early stage development, jointly with sectoral experts, taking a long-term view for investment and ownership.

Transacting Infrastructure Financing

Oligo arranges project finance and raise fund internationally through our strategic and institutional investors as well as our network of financial advisory to ensure cost efficiency financing for the benefit of stakeholders, including government partners.

Assets Operation & Management

Oligo maintains co-ownership in all of its portfolio projects, and thus, having a long-term view the well-being of each and every projects.

We ensure that each projects are executed and operated by credible partners in their field, to ensure realized long-term return to our shareholders and reliable service deliveries to our government partners.

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