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Oligo welcomes Mr. Bambang Brodjonegoro as its President Commissioner

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Thursday, 1st of July 2021, Oligo welcomes Mr. Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro SE., MUP, Ph.D. as our President Commissioner in PT Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia. The presence of Mr. Brodjonegoro in Oligo represents his continued interest and enthusiasm in pushing circular economy and sustainable development for Indonesia and a huge honour for this young organisation.

Who doesnt know Mr. Bambang Brodjonegoro? to say that he is an ex-minister is an understatement. Mr. Bambang had served as President Jokowi’s most trusted advisor: as Indonesia’s Minister of Research and Technology, Minister of National Planning and Development, Minister of Finance, and has lead many Indonesia’s most successful state own enterprises as its Commissioner, all while continue to stay a humble.

Following his departure as Minister of Research and Technology, he returns to his love of teaching in the academic world as Rector and Lecturer of Economics at Economic Faculty at University of Indonesia. In the midst of his mission to educate Indonesia’s younger generation, he wish to continue to actively participate in pushing for sustainable urban infrastructure for Indonesia, a big dream that requires innovative leader to achieve.

There really is no better figure than Mr. Bambang Brodjonegoro to mentor the young and energetics team of Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia. With his expertise in finance, public private partnership, and his vast network domestically and internationally, certainly it opens the road for Oligo to accomplish its mission to become partners to Indonesian government in realising its vision for Sustainable Development through multi-national, multi-sectoral, and multi-approach infrastructure investment.

Currently, in the midst of his busy schedule as commissioners for Indonesia’s largest corporation, Pak Bambang Brodjonegoro still willing to find time to lead Oligo-Infra. Truly, an honour for Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia!

Shareholders and Director

PT Oligo Infrastruktur Indonesia


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