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Hearing of with Regional Assembly of City of Tangerang concerning WtE

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

On Monday (December 9th, 2021), PT Oligo Infra Swarna Nusantara attended invitation from Regional Assembly of Tangerang City for audience to explain the concept and activities of the Waste to Energy for City of Tangerang, and hearing the aspiration and hopes of the elected representative of the civil society of Tangerang City.

Throughout the meeting, the member Regional Assembly showed high spirit and enthusiasm to understand further the implementation of this National Strategic Project (PSN) in Tangerang City and uses its rights to inquiry the Project. PSEL was expected to solve the issue of waste in Tangerang City, which has caused negative impacts to the surrounding neighborhood. Furthermore, the member of the council also expresses advice for Oligo such that the Project can be better executed by taking into considerations specific impacts that may arises during construction and operation process of PSEL.

As the entity to be undertaking the Project, Oligo fully commit itself to deliver the PSEL in timely manner and hope to be able to contribute in improving the environment quality of Tangerang City. Oligo planned to involve many experts stakeholder which shall increase the sustainability of the project execution. Oligo is also requested by the member of the Regional Assembly to continue place high considerations upon social aspects and environmental disturbance arising out of the project, and take best effort in minimizing such impact.


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